Medical and Dental Chartered Accountants, Perth

Do one thing and do it well. That’s what we’ve learnt over the years, focusing only on delivering accounting, tax and business advisory services to the medical and dental industry.

As a result, we have a wealth of expert experience and knowledge, helping doctors and dentists, young and old, achieve their financial goals, each tailored to their individual needs.

Experts in an expert field

Our enviable track record and understanding of the industry, and how medical and dental partnerships operate, allows us to offer the best possible advice to help your business achieve sustainable growth. It also allows us to pass on both cost and time savings to you, as we already have a clear understanding of the industry.

We pride ourselves on personal service

We really do pride ourselves on great relationships whether that be with the doctor or dentist, or spouse, or the practice manager.

We understand how busy the practice owner can be, so we are committed with helping with many issues that normal accountants just do not address, from HR to the ATO, to Bookkeeping and accounting and tax.

We are also readily available at a time suitable to our clients.

Quality over quantity

Personal service is the human face of any business. We work with a limited number of clients to provide this high level of attention. For us, it is about ensuring you get the support you need as your practice grows. Your work will not be delegated to a junior staff member who hasn’t dealt with you before, only to forget about it. We’re a close-knit, modern practice with a passion for the medical and dental industry. You’ll get a personal, enjoyable service, every time.

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