The North Perth GP Pty Ltd, trading as View Street Medical Practice, has engaged the services of Affluence Chartered Accountants before buying the business in December 2017.

As owners of the medical practice, my wife (Dr. Belinda Wozencroft) and I went through a rigorous selection process, in order to secure ongoing accounting and booking keeping services for the business and Affluence Chartered Accountants were awarded the business on merit.

It was clear from the outset that Affluence was invaluable in assisting us in all aspects of the initial set up of the business. This included initial business planning, projections of activity, costs and earning, finance and planning, developing appropriate legal structures, employment contracts and service agreements and general strategic management advice. They demonstrated string capacity to seamlessly coordinate with other specialist advisors such as legal teams, finance brokers, banks and other service providers to the running of the business.

Whilst they obviously are well across the technical aspects of accountancy and bookkeeping services, the critical factor that has set them apart from others in the field are the values and ethos of the company, which very much aligns with that of our business, especially when it comes to a clear focus on quality, accuracy and responsiveness.

There is a level of trust and openness in communication that has been fostered by the Principal, Mr. Mitchell Walmsley and his core staff, which makes Affluence Chartered Accountants a close strategic business partner with the View Street Medical Practice.

I commend Affluence Chartered Accountants on their service provided to us to date and look forward to a long and productive, close business relationship.